Special steels

Special Steels include Cold Work Steel, Hot Work Steel, Plastic Mould Steel, High Speed Steel, High Strength Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel. These special steels adhere to great quality demands of steel like temper, strength, toughness, resistance to tempering, hardening capacity, dimensional stability, machinability, bending & forming capacity etc. The range of Special Steels in our store includes products from renowned manufacturers.

Cold Work Steel

These steels are aimed at the manufacturing of tools used in cold processing of other steels, cast irons and non ferrous metals and in diversified operations such as cutting, bending, forming, coining, extrusion, steel wire drawings, wooden work, ceramic pressing, pigment grinding, rock drilling, paper cutting and various other applications.


Hot Work Steel

These steels work with heat. They are recognized for great wear resistance, heat conductivity, hardness and robustness at increased temperatures. These steels have better features for use due to decreased sulphur level.


Plastic Mould Steel

These are the steels that are used for Plastic Mould. The plastic products changes almost everyday and we as a part of that business, supply steel for the manufacturing of moulds upto large blocks for panels and automotive fenders. We offer a different grades adaped to the needs of various moulding applications for the manufacturing of parts from simplest to most sophisticated.

High Speed Steel

These steels are fast cutting steels with high resistance, fine robustness, high compression strength, and fine wear resistance. This steel is suitable material for Hot Chemical processing (CVD, PVD).


Abrasion Resistant Steel

Its high resistance to abrasive wear and impact makes it ideal where long service life is required.


High Strength Steel Plates

It helps in the manufacturing of lifting equipment with lighter steel that can withstand high yield strength.