W.NR. 1.2510

Main characteristics and applications

Medium alloyed cold work steel with good hardening capacity, high wear resistance, dimensionally stable during heat treatment.
Its applications are small tools for cutting and punching, shear knives, thread rolling tools, measuring tools, wood working tools.

Comparable standards


Chemical composition (typical; in weight %)

CSiMnP (max)S (max)CrWV

Critical points

Ac1 740 °C

Ac3 770 °C

Ms 215 °C

Production technology

EAF – LF – VD - Forging – Heat treatment +A

US specification

In according to standard EN10228-3 Class 4 and standard SEP 1921 Class E/e

Delivery condition

WW.NR. 1.2510 is delivered in annealed condition, with hardness max 230 HB (21 HRC).

Physical properties (reference values)

Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6/K)11.411.71212.7
Thermal conductivity (W/mk)29.930.131.731.2
Young modulus (Kn/mm2)212209200175

Heat treatment

AnnealingHeat to 700 - 720 °CMin. H.T. for 2 minute /mmFurnace to 600°C than in air-
Stress relievingHeat to 600 - 650 °CMin. H.T. for 2 minute /mmAir or furnace-
HardeningHeat to 790-820 °CMin. H.T. for 1 minute /mmOil or pressure gas (vacuum)-

C.C.T. curve


Tempering curve


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