W.NR. 1.2327


High-alloy chrome steel with big hardenability for hardening in oil and in air, especially high resistance to the wear both by metal and by mineral substances, good cutting power, very high hardness in the pressure, significantly low toughness especially in traverse, significant carbide spacing. This steel has a good dimensional stability during the heat treatment but the change of dimensions is bigger than by the steel 1.2842. The steel is sensitive to the fast and uneven heating, suitable for hardening on the secondary hardness (the possibility of nitriding). Further the steel is brushed with big difficulties, at the heat it is forged with big difficulties and it has a rather difficult workability in the annealed state.

Comparable standards


Chemical composition (typical; in weight %)

CSiMnP (max)S (max)CrMoV

Heat treatment of steel W.NR. 1.2327

WayTemperature [°C]Procedure
Forging850-1050Cool slowly in calm air or better e.g. in dry ash or other thermally-insulated material
Soft annealing830-860Warm few hours (according to the size of object), mostly four hours are enough and cool slowly in the furnace
Annealing to lower tension600-650Warm 1 to 2 hours and cool slowly in the furnace
Hardening1000-1080Cool in oil, air or salt bath at the temperature of about 500-550°C
Tempering100-550Cool in air, the degree of tempering is set by hardness and toughness of instrument according to the tempering chart


  • 12327-dropdown-icon Hardening temperature 1000-1050 °C

Chart of tempering values depending on the hardness

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